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I had great fun talking to Maria Rodrigues-Toth on Premier Christian Radio's "Women to Women" program. You can listen to us here.

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Book Chapters

  1. Does God Understand?
  2. Anger and Blame
  3. Hope and Despair
  4. Jealousy
  5. Confusion and Decision Making
  6. Disappointment and letting go
  7. Loving and being loved
  8. Obsession

About Rosemary

I was baptised when I was 13 years old, and have attended Baptist churches ever since then. I met my husband on Iona when we were both at university. He studied Engineering and I studied English Literature. We married in 2004 straight after graduation. 

We both wanted to start a family straight away, we had always wanted to be young parents. When we had difficulty conceiving, it was devastating. I searched the Bible for hope and for an explanation of what was happening to us. I turned what I found into a book.

I hope that the book helps other people who are trying to start a family. Please let me know your thoughts about it!

About The Book

Reading a book cannot change your life, and it cannot solve your problems. But, I do hope and pray that reading this book might help you to live through your problems with a little more peace and grace.

This book is for anyone who is suffering from infertility, or is supporting someone suffering from infertility. It is about Jealousy, Anger, Disappointment, but also about Hope, Love and Moving On.

I have drawn heavily on my own personal experience and my own relationship with God.

If you're suffering from infertility, you might like to look at my videos on you-tube.

Living with Infertility – A Christian Perspective is out now on Amazon. You can "Look Inside" and download it to your Kindle.

You can get quotes from the book in the "Living with Infertility" App, available on the Google Play Store.